Monday, January 23, 2012

Illustration 4. Logo Examples

this logo is a literal illustration of the "say cheese" phrase, it is interesting, however it might need to be simplified to be reproduced in smaller scale, like on pens. I would play with color more and try combining yellow with shade of blue or purple for a background, or just make the whole logo into a black silhouette on white field and vice versa

I think this logo is effective, because it is simple and memorable. Interesting play on combining images of a moon and a golf ball to illustrate the company name. I would like to see experimentation with different size and position of lettering.

Another literal interpretation. I like the simplicity of both form and color. This logo will look effectively in black and white too.

I think this is cute and inventive. Napoleon is not a typical name for a sushi place, and both the name and the logo would attract somebody like me :) However, I'm not sure if this is a successful choice of font, and why different type faces are used for "Napoleon" and "sushi bar". But the image itself is attractive (possibly some may consider it racist because of the eyes' shape), I would rework that. The image can still be recognized in black and white and be easily scaled to different sizes, so I believe it is successful.
This image is a logo of an optics store in Russia. I picked it, because it seemed funny. At the same time, it accomplishes its job well. It emphasizes the glasses on the hedge hog and the word "optics". It is simple, yet illustrative. It is memorable, scalable, and its color doesn't matter. Also I think that the symmetry in this particular case is successful.
This logo is clever and stylish. It is super simple and minimalist in terms of pictorial images, however the letters themselves create a nice form that is definitely memorable.

I'm not sure what this company does, but this would be a nice logo for a book store (I think). This house shape reminds me of European buildings and of a book shelf at the same time. It is simple and geometric. It may be a stylized view of the building where the business is located. The text and image go well together, because both of them are similar in shape and emphasize verticality of the logo.

Not sure of this is a real logo or a joke. It is like one of those image plays we did in IPC, when we would put together things that normally wouldn't go together and create new meaning. This is a memorable logo, because it uses this principle. It combines a computer mouse and a coffee mug. This logo might work for an internet cafe or some sort of coffee shop for IT people :)
The choice of words and a retro kind of bicycle used as an image create a nostalgic vintage feel. It is untraditional logo for a bike shop, which are usually associated with sports, speed, motion. Maybe this store sells vintage bikes only, or maybe they just wanted to create a romanticized image of biking. The logo itself is very successful.

Even though, this image would still be effective in b/w, I really like the choice of colors in this logo. Simple images and letters go well together. The squares can represent both rain and information, and they give some technical feel to this image. At the same time, it is creative and not too technical, which may suggest the creative solutions this software can provide to its users.
This company sells products for sea tourism (as their logo says). The logo combines images of an anchor and a test tube, which illustrates company's name well, because the anchor is associated with a ship and traveling by sea and a tube is associated with a laboratory. The idea of a laboratory suggests that the company "invents" some sort of unique and special products. Also, the shape of the whole logo reminds of a life saver.
"Historic toys, everything is made of wood". The image and letters incorporate texture of the wood. The date emphasizes the history behind this store. The toy design in the image emphasizes the old style and vintage character of products they sell.