Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deck of Cards: Proposal and Preliminary Sketches

My deck of cards will illustrate the changing of the seasons. Each of the four suits will represent a particular season. Diamonds will be spring, hearts – summer, clubs - fall, and spades – winter. Each season will have a color theme, and the cards’ background color will gradually change its shade and eventually turn into the color of the next season. This way, when cards are put next to each other in order they will create a gradation of color, that will emphasize the progression of time and the process of seasons flowing one into another.

There will be a main character that the viewers will follow through the year. The character will be a dog, drawn after my pet dog Panda. The cards will create a narrative about one year from Panda’s dog life. They will illustrate her various activities throughout different seasons. The situations pictured will be imaginary as well as realistic.

My puppy :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rival Company Logo

I am designing a logo for the rival of Gino's company, that provides communication with the dead.

Our company's name is Dead Line, and this is our logo:

Rival Company Outline

Our company is rivaling Lexie's company Sole Foods.
For the logo design I am art directing Melinda

Company Outline:

Company's Name: Culinary Wizards

Company’s Mission: Our company is a team of professional chefs that will allow you to enjoy high quality freshly home-cooked meals that you love without having to spend time for grocery shopping and cooking.

Target Consumers: busy people (married, single, with kids or no kids) who would love to eat at home and have sit-down family meals but don’t have time for cooking and meal planning.

Our Services:

- diverse meal planning based on your tastes, diet goals and personal recipes with a grocery list provided

- meals can be cooked for specific days of the week only, or for breakfasts/lunches/dinners only, or every meal of every day, you pick

- we only use organic produce and brands of food, but we can also use specific brands of ingredients picked by you

- our dieting experts will give you advice on well-balanced diets and weight-management

Company Outline and Logo

Company’s Name: Aqua Pets

Our company specializes in pet scuba diving. We provide a high quality training course for dogs, as well as cats, that prepares your pet for extended stay underwater and helps it to get accustomed to the scuba diving equipment.

We also provide comfortable and lightweight pet scuba gear and offer a variety of diving adventures that are specifically designed for divers with pets.­

Aqua Pets – take your pet to your next diving holiday!