Sunday, April 25, 2010

My choice of media

I haven't updated this blog in so long!

About the last homework: it was interesting and challenging. And even though I practiced in my sketchbook before starting on a big piece of paper, I still had to redo it two times, until I liked the result. So I ended up using three sheets of paper, but it's ok :) it's all good, because it helps me learn. I'm sure if I did at least 5 more, my final drawing would have been even better, but I completely ran out of paper and time..

About my choice of media: it's hard to say what I like most, because I find all of them (pencil, and conte and charcoal) interesting and would like to learn to use all of them better. For now, the safest and most comfortable for me is still a graphite pencil, and I fall on it like on a crutch, often doing my underdrawing with it. It's safe, because I can always erase it and go back and change my drawing. With conte and charcoal, I have to really think before making a mark and be responsible for every line I'm putting down. I'm starting to feel confident when drawing still lifes with conte and charcoal, not so confident when doing something more complicated like face in our last homework!! It was really hard!

I'm still in awe before Ingres' drawings! I can't believe he drew with conte!!